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Data Literacy and the Rise of the Citizen Data Scientist

September 9, 2020

Matt serves as CEO at QuantHub, responsible for leading the company’s strategy, growth, and operations. Matt has a passion for developing authentic relationships with customers to truly understand what drives them and then crafting creative solutions to their most critical problems.

Prior to joining QuantHub, Matt spent the last 15 years running product and tech at PE-backed companies, including building a product and engineering organization at Daxko to deliver 10x revenue growth, 7 acquisitions, and 3 enormously successful recapitalizations in just 10 years. While at Daxko, Matt led the team to deliver the first machine learning/AI solution to the market, predicting customer membership churn and also propensity to donate.

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“... the statistic comes from the World Economic Forum that 54% of employees will need significant up-skilling by 2022 ...”


“a study by MicroStrategy and in the respondents 81% of the respondents of this survey, 81% of executives and managers, had access to data. Only 44% of frontline workers had access to data.”