Empowering the Future of Work

Renewable Energy and the Opportunity for Businesses

September 23, 2020

Ben Pauluhn, president of Optimus Solar, joins us to discuss how solar power and electric vehicles are shaping businesses and will have a significant impact on the future of work. He shares his insights on fundamental opportunities to improve business continuity and the potential for businesses to impact their communities. Ben also shares his thoughts on what he considers the virtuous cycle for businesses.

Question: In what ways is your organization taking advantage of renewable energy resources?

Ben has a passion for project management and energy efficiency.  He started his career in rural South Africa, restoring a 150-year-old boarding school. One of the first projects Ben completed there was to install solar panels to provide hot water to the boarding students for the first time.  He is passionate about the solar and energy efficiency industries, as the benefits to individuals, communities, and the environment are far-reaching.  He has built his career serving others through many business and non-profit ventures and is humbled by the opportunity to educate homeowners and businesses on the future of renewable energy solutions.

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