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Moving Instructor Led Content to Self Service in a Distributed Workforce

September 16, 2020

In-person training has been facing disruption for a couple of decades at this point.  Whether it was the LMS, eLearning, Virtual / Augmented Reality, or any of a number of other innovations, traditional classroom training has faced a number of challenges over the years. 

But nothing has compared to the current global COVID pandemic.  James Ringrose, the Co-Founder & Chief Story Teller of RCP Learning, joins us to discuss how training has been impacted by the current health environment and the overnight transition to remote work.  He will also share key strategies for organizations dealing with moving classroom training to self-service content.  We'll also discuss the personal nature of the content and how to adjust your approach for your specific situation.

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"Learning content is very personalized...there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution that will work for everyone."